Indie films are topical, challenging, and focus on well crafted storytelling- they’re a rebellion against movies for the masses. IndieReign forsakes the traditional Hollywood distribution model and empowers filmmakers to connect directly with their online audience.

Since 2012 we have been pioneering new ways to enable an uprising of filmmakers to market and sell their films online. By giving global audiences access to rent or buy films at IndieReign we have empowered indie filmmakers to gain a following and become sustainable.

100% of the distribution rights stay with the filmmakers. We take a percentage to cover our costs only when the film is sold- we both put in a little to make a lot.

Our methods are simple: easy sign up, simple rental, community involvement, curated material, and all the digital tools a filmmaker needs to connect with their followers. We live by our community ethos, actively seeking out and working with film festivals, filmmakers, and indie distributors to source the best content for our worldwide audience.

At IndieReign, we’re leading the charge - join us at

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Aug 31, 2011
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David White - IndieReign CEO
David White - IndieReign CEO
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David White Speaking at AFM 2013 on Digital Distribution
David White Speaking at AFM 2013 on Digital Distribution
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